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          A resident of Capitan is defined as a person for whom Capitan is their residence of record, and has resided in the village for six (6) continual months prior to obtaining the grave site; or when a relative or other person is obtaining a site for a deceased person the deceased shall have been a full-time resident of Capitan for six (6) continual months prior to death, except when the deceased moved to another location due to health-care needs.

        A person residing outside the corporate limits of the village may obtain a burial site for a resident of Capitan for the resident fee. Whereas a resident of Capitan who wishes to obtain a burial site for a person, regardless of relationship, who resides outside the corporate limits of the Village of Capitan is required to pay the non-resident fee.

       For those who are non-residents of Capitan, but who wish to be buried in the Capitan Cemetery, or have a person buried in the Capitan Cemetery, grave sites may be obtained for the non-resident fee.

       Residence verification will be required. Documents to verify residence include village utility bill, voter registration, NM Drivers License, or NM Identification card.



Regular interment is defined as a casket, vault or similar container. Cremation interment is defined as a container containing human ashes.



Perpetual Lease fee: $10.00

Plot - Resident           $250.00

Plot- Non-Resident   $1,250.00

Plot fees are non-refundable



Normal Village Hours $300.00

After Village Hours     $500.00


Normal Village Hours $150.00

After Village Hours     $200.00


1. Village Hall must be notified prior to any work on a gravesite, with the exception of clean-up or placing of flowers.

2. If a plot is to be marked by a stone, FLAT markers are preferred in Section 1 and are REQUIRED in Sections 2 and 3. 

3. For ease in mowing or other work, the cemetery board requests no obstacles such as fencing, curbing, etc. be placed on or around gravesites.

4. Wilted flowers, flower stands, etc. must be disposed of ten days after the burial or the cemetery board will remove them.

5. When plastic flowers become unsightly, and if they are not disposed of by the family or friends, the cemetery board will remove them.

6. There is no water available at the cemetery, only APPROVED permanent plants requiring little water are allowed in Section 1 and no plants or shrubs are allowed in Sections 2 and 3. 

7. A memorial board is in the cemetery for installation of a plaque for a loved one interred in the cemetery. Plaques must be obtained through Village Hall. 

8. The cemetery board reserves the right to do any needed maintenance.


     An annual donation in any amount would be appreciated from each cemetery site lessee. Donated funds are used by the cemetery board for maintenance and beautification of the Capitan Cemetery.

    The Cemetery Board installed a black iron archway for the cemetery entrance. Gravel in on the roadways. Crosses are placed on unmarked graves.

    The American Legion installed flagpoles and flies flags on all national holidays and places flags on all Veteran graves.

    The Capitan Cemetery Board meets the second Tuesday of each month as needed. The public is invited to attend all meetings. Input is welcomed.



A. To accomplish the protection, enhancement, and perpetuation of a municipal cemetery that represents and reflects Capitan's cultural and social history.

B. To safeguard the cemetery's appearance through regular maintenance. 

C. To foster civic pride through the cemetery's beauty and to perpetuate the respectful remembrance of those who have gone before us.