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Mayor’s End of Year Report (2018)
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Mayor’s Final Report For 2018

I’ve been sitting here in my office thinking about the past year and how thankful we should all be for having such a wonderful staff of people that work together so hard to keep things running so smoothly on a daily basis for the Village.

It is remarkable to have such a talent pool to choose from in a village our size. Johnathan LaMay, Russell Leslie, and Eric Chavez do such a great job of keeping our streets and roads open and ensuring that conditions for safe driving is kept available to our village motorists.

 Several months ago we initiated a new department under the title of “Parks and Recreation”.
Ronnie Montes was appointed as the supervisor. Not only has Ronnie kept things in great shape and appearance throughout the village, he is more the willing to help other departments with un-foreseen problems that may occur.

Chief Randy Spear, Officer Ron Bishop, and our new Officer, Brett McInnes put in many hours to ensure that safety is the number one priority for the people of Capitan. David Cox and Karry Hair have worked short- handed many times to see that the water keeps flowing in the village.

Heather Jones and Sonjina Suren are two of our un-sung heroes who keep the gift shop a very profitable venture for us.

Our administrative clerks, LeAnne Brasher, Charlene Williams, Kristi Wilson and Janis Shaver, who work under the direction of the City Clerk, Laura McInnes, all do a wonderful job in their departments. Laura has put together an administrative team that is second to none. The efficiency of this team is amazing. As a village, we are very lucky to have this kind of talent.

Tyler Holland has taken over as our Code Enforcement and Animal Control Officer. He has been on the job for only a few months and is doing extremely well in a very difficult job.

Dora Gallegos is back working with us now, helping to keep the offices in spiffy shape. Dora worked for us once before prior to an illness and we are so glad to have her back.

Judge Minerva Davalos was elected as Municipal Judge after the un-timely death of JD Roehrig. Minerva’s performance has been out-standing.

Last but surely not least, I want to tip my hat to our new board of Trustees. These folks only have the interest of the citizens of Capitan at heart. All four of these people have attended seminars and classes provided by the Municipal League in order to learn the basics of what good elected officials do in order to better govern the village.

For the last several years I have had the honor of heading a group called “Capitan Cares.” This group is funded by the Ruidoso Noon Valley Lions Club along with some private funds gathered by private citizens in the Capitan area.
There funds are used to buy Christmas dinners for those less fortunate in the area. Smokey’s Market helps with the distribution logistics, and we give them a doff of the cap for all of their help.

This year, with the help of the Ruidoso Lions Club and other folks in the area. We will be able to donate over $1500.00 in food items for the needy.
As you know, the village installed some new “speed bumps” in an attempt to slow down speeders in the Valley View area. Well, the speed bumps that we ordered were too hard to be used on the main streets. The model bumps that were installed were made for parking lots than streets. We have ordered the proper type that will be installed shortly. The speed bumps that had been installed on Valley View have been removed and will be utilized in an area that will be more productive in child safety. Of course we have citizens that complain no matter what we do. I just want to assure all that “child safety” is the number one priority of this Mayor and the Trustees.

God Bless,
Dennis Haskell, Mayor